jeudi 30 avril 2015

Redirect any GET request to a single php script

After many hours messing with .htaccess I've arrived to the conclusion of sending any request to a single PHP script that would handle:

  • Generation of html (whatever the way, includes or dynamic)
  • 301 Redirections with a lot more flexibility in the logic (for a dumb .htaccess-eer)
  • 404 errors finally if the request makes no sense.

leaving in .htaccess the minimal functionality.

After some tests it seems quite feasible and from my point of view more preferable. So much that I wonder what's wrong or can go wrong with this approach?

  • Server performance?
  • In terms of SEO I don't see any issue as the procedure would be "transparent" to the bots.

The redirector.php would expect a query string consisting on the actual request. What would be the .htaccess code to send everything there?

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