mercredi 29 avril 2015

How to redirect a page that does not exist anymore in Wordpress?

When I first made my Wordpress site I didn't know it's a good idea to use slugs instead of ids in links. I had a page back then that had the address:

When I made a template for a popular e-commerce platform in my country I included said link. A year later the site crashed and I had to rebuild it. Needless to say, the page in question was assigned with a different ID. I cannot change it on e-commerce platform (that would require thousands of individual changes - that is not an overstatement).

So, can I somehow redirect the /?page_id=50 to a different page? The problem is that no page has this particular ID.

Is there any way? I tried .htaccess redirection but it didn't work or maybe I did something wrong.

Please help.

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